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I was born in 1961 and am married with 4 children. After leaving school at 16 I completed a two year foundation course at Harrow School of Art and Design. From there I went to London College of Communications firstly to complete a year's course in Printing Processes to include both screen printing and lino printing and then to complete a three year Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. In the intervening years I have travelled widely and my interest in photography was cultivated further by travelling to interesting places including Marrakech, Florence and Las Vegas amoungst others.

In pursuit of my life long interest in photography I began my MA studies at TVU in 2005 and completed it in 2007 attaining a merit grade.


My practice is informed by what has been described as 'The Tourist Gaze'. I am fascinated, the fascination of others - tourists and travellers alike - for distant places. Cheap transport and convenient photographic technology have transformed the act of looking at 'exotic' places into a reacreational activity that is instrumentally bound up with a consumerist and incurious view of the world. 'The Tourist Gaze' points towards picturesque scenes and often well known antiquarian sites which have been given a new lease of life by the influx of visitors. Whatever the values they might have outside this discourse is of secondary importance to the economic value of the site as a tourist spectacle.

My photographic practice follows in the train of the tourist and tends to mark out a territory that is dominated by the sightseer and the photographic opportunity. My interest is directed towards the spectacle of looking.


I am currently employed by Immanuel College as a photography teacher, teaching GSCE and A Level photography as well as Media Studies

A Level.





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